Cant place market order while market is closed?

Worked fine to place some orders on Friday night but just tried this morning and it won’t put my orders on pending just tells me the market is closed. Any reason for this today?

I assume this is a US order where the exchanges are closed today?

I have the same question - it’s a change in function from before.
It’s the same for UK stocks too. Looks like the app has changed and where you used to get a message showing when the market was open, you no longer get that - and it’s no longer possible to add pending orders.
Can anyone from @JimLahey tell if that’s something changed in the app and why? It seems like a real step back in functionality.
Also look s like support chat has been removed from the app?

Aah is that why? I didn’t realise they were closed today thanks! still should be able to place a market order but this happens every bank holiday

Support chat was turned off during the horrible hour long waits to trade every market open :rofl:

Normally, it is possible to place orders outside the market hours. However, due to our system’s current specifications, this is not the case when the market is closed during a holiday. This is a known issue, and it is being taken care of.

@Rumen beat me to the reply that its an known issue where you cant on holidays and today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US.

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That’s interesting - here is the reply I got from T212 helpdesk:

Thank you for your email.

I would like to confirm that we still offer the option to submit pending orders and the information can be seen on the web browser platform. The application is constantly being improved and there have been plenty of changes.

If you need any further details, I will be glad to assist you.

Kind regards,
Stiviyan S. | Senior Customer Care