Can't set limit orders when the market is closed?

I tried to set some limit orders last night and the app says that I can’t do this because the market is closed. Is this correct? What’s the reason why I wouldn’t be able to do this?

Sorry for the noob question.

As in the title. Thx

moved reply here as it was more of a help request than in relation to features. @Team212

Hi there,

You should usually be able to submit a pending order which will be processed once the market reopens. In the case of yesterday the American stock markets shut down for the 4th July. This meant that the devs had to manually mark the market as closed, which I assume also blocked submitting pending orders.

Should be working as expected now

This is a feature that could be improved then, I think I missed out on being able to buy the above stocks at open because the order functionality had been removed.