CFD Long Positions Swap - Interest


It seems that over the Weekend the long positions swaps price tripled. Does this happen often? It became quite expensive for swing trading now…

For example, airbus was -0.011199 and is now -0.034726. Are there any announcements before they are changed?


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Airbus is also capped at a max of 100 CFDs now. Same with Boeing.

Hmm will have a look at what other brokers are doing in this situation. I guess in this bull market they are trying to cut their losses. Even then, 3x/4x interest upgrade is quite expensive:/ will be forced to close a few positions. And without an announcement I’m worried it could jump higher all of a sudden damaging my profits…

Boeing was -0.028216 and is now - 0.088942… Massive…

Actually Boeing was capped at a maximum of 50, not 100. Not that I would ever buy that much. Just interesting to note during a time when airlines are rallying.

I can only compare it to other forex brokers and yes they have a higher swap during weekend. Forex spreads are set higher during the weekends, I guess you pay more. Therefor I try to close positions for CFDs before the weekend. A lot can happen in the world during the weekend what can affect the price.

Yours right, might be a weekend thing.

They didn’t increase just over the Weekend. I have been planning my positions for around 2 months now(on the red for a while) exactly for this(recovery) and price was always the same until now. I know they have it on their T&Cs that interest can change at any time but at least an announcement would be good since 4x is already quite a big increase imo

I have also kept a record of the long term positions swaps values incase they changed, and after this whole time they only changed this Weekend, when market is green.

Update: looks like its automatically calculated (increases - decreases) based on market conditions.

Most of the instruments i was trading are capped at 20 now. I shouldn’t have closed some positions but then overnight fees are also going up… :frowning: