CFD interest rate

Can anyone tell me how the interest rates on my current positions on CFD doubled compared to the same positions previously? This is based on weekday rate, I did not account the weekends.
I wasn’t even notified of such change.

Interest is set my trading212, went up significant in April too.

Interest rate, margin, and spread are all changing. I’d suggest checking out other threads for more details.

What instruments are you seeing high swap interest out of curiosity?

You’ll always have fees holding over weekends, and can be more than weekdays.

Most stocks you’ll see a big discrepancy between long and short. Here’s Tesla.

Sure but I mean that’s TSLA

Randomly picked TSCO

No, TSLA increased as well!

Please see this thread:

Still almost double even though it’s tiny.

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so i have a stock that i have held all week.
last monday the interest overnight was only 1.96gbp. and then i checked the interest rate on wednesday (which is also a weekday so same interest should apply in theory) and the interest is now 4.68gbp, so it has almost gone x2.5.

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to update: i checked the interest on the same stock i held over the weekend, and it was only 1.54.

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Correct, same here.

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It’s pretty much all the commonly traded retail stocks. Have a look at Robin Hood top traded stocks and then compare to less traded stocks like Walmart or PayPal.

I assume it’s because the new retail investor is currently only going long and never sells. Hedging is a nightmare personally so must be awful with a whole company. It’s completely changed the trading dynamic from the past two years.


This isn’t normal, interest fees went 2x overnight between November 24th and 25th for all instruments.

Can clearly see the difference in my NIO holdings one. Exact same holdings 17/11/20 -0.93


Swap rates for longs is 6x the amount :see_no_evil: is this normal procedure?

Considering it was 0.009 on the 17th if my maths is correct at -0.92 for 100 buy NIO

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It’s a pity the “Robin Hood” name is already taken. Trading 212 rob from the rich (us) to give to the poor (them)!

I’m not doing any CFD on this plateform again. I’m done.

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Now everybody go and check the weekend interest rates. Absolutely insane! How does this justified? Increase without prior notification! Daylight robbery.


Why is no staff member commenting on this ?


I closed all my CFD positions on Friday before realising that there was an announcement being made. Glad I did seeing the interest rates that have gone out over the weekend!! I’m at a huge loss but I’ll not be back near the CFD platform again so although a loss now, it’s t212s loss in the long run as lost a CFD customer

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