CFD - Long Term Trading

Just a clarification. I see that the NASDAQ is currently at low price compared to November, December last year.

I am thinking of investing in it and leave it like 2-3 months. Is that a viable option under CFD?

Or is it possible to invest in lndex via investing or ISA mode?

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Yep, you should be able to find ETFs tracking most of the broad market indices in both investing and ISA mode.

Neither CFDs nor leveraged ETFs are suitable for the long term unless you really know what you are doing (which in my humble opinion is not the case).

I’d suggest you switch to practice mode and experiment with virtual money while learning more about these instruments. Unlike most situations in life - complex leveraged investing products are not the place where you should “believe in yourself”.

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Hey Silent Bull.

Having a position open on the CFD account for 3 months will incur some heavy costs in interests and plus the risk that is caused by leverage. It’s best to avoid using CFDs for positions you plan to have open that long.

In regards to index funds, there are plenty that are simple ETFs with no leverage, I would say stick to those.

Hope this helped and answered your question.