CFD Pending Orders

Is there are way to plot your pending orders on the chart (entry price, TP and SL price) in the same fashion you can view your open orders? This would be incredibly useful.

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also in Invest and ISA to have average price, order prices and alert levels shown on the chart.

Just to be sure - you mean a separate section in the ‘Portfolio’ tab that shows all current pending orders, correct?

No, I mean when looking at the chart I can see my pending orders on there, the same way I can see my open orders when executed (3 horizontal lines - order price, target price and stop loss price).

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Most platforms will put opening price, take profit and stop loss prices, etc as horizontal lines on the chart (usually in a way that allows them to be shown or hidden). Previously T212 also showed alert levels. There seems to be a massive step backwards in terms of the information shown to users.

Even in ISA/Invest accounts I’d absolutely love to have previous purchases marked on the chart but that’s probably a significant ask but some system put markers on the chart to indicate buy and sells (ie info from the history). In CFD it would be normal to show all open positions on the chart

Thank you both for the clarifications.

@stablercarl, I’ll check if that would be possible in the new web app and will get back to you.

:point_up_2: I’ll pass on the feedback - thanks for sharing it.