Graph improvement suggestions

Togglable line tracking current Sell price (not just Buy).
Default chart type.
Default chart zoom level.


Can I add -
Clear day divider lines on the chart please to make it easier to spot patterns.
Just a nice vertical line or slim greyed out column with the date at the bottom circa ThinkOrSwim.



@David I thought I will add my peny to thread xD when it comes to graph improvements is there any option to implement on them dots which would mark our buys and sells orders?


No not that I know of…
And yes 100% agree that would be a great addition.

A tagged line that can be dragged to change stop loss or limit order price quickly.

They have this on other Trading modes like CFD if I remember correctly last time i looked, but certainly not Invest (ISA) which is a big oversight IMO.

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One question on charts. Do you know if it is possible on the desktop website to overlay 2 charts in top of each other? Ie 2 lines on the same graph for 2 different positions.

Not that I know of but I’m no expert on the platform yet.