CFD Position automatically closed without the share hitting the price - ✅ Solved

As far as I see the reimbursement is correctly calculated. However, if you are pretending that we’ve made a mistake, could you please provide me with your arguments on what we’ve missed via PM?

Hi Martin,

I have had an issue with a spike on 3LZN ticker which i sold at but of course the displayed price on T212 was incorrect.

My ticket number is [reference ID # 212178]

I would like compensation for the loss i incurred due to the spike.

Thank you,

@Samvirs What makes you think the displayed price is incorrect?

There was no incorrect spike, the issuer firm (GraniteShares)'s designated market maker is solely responsible for these quotes/prices. It could be due to midday rebalancing or a plethora of other things.

It would be best to contact them for more information as to why there was such a spike: