Cfd scalping rule

Hi so recently I learned that scalping is prohibited on the platform, I realise I should have read the terms more carefully. However prior to learning this, I have opened and closed cfd trades within a 5 minute timeframe on the platform, over 2 months now. I am now wondering if I will be penalised for my previous activity, in forms such as suspending my account. I would like to get a better understanding of this before continuing to use the platform without violating rules. Thanks.

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You should search the forum as there’s other people written advice on this.


@Zhang With EQs, it’s not an issue. As for CFDs - you can check this post:

Thanks for your reply @David what do you mean by systematic in your previous comment? Also, I think my cfd trades for my first month(Febuary) probably averaged to below 5 minutes, however I have moved away from that style now. It’s just that I would like to know whether my account can just one day be suspended because of my activity prior to today and all my ISA portfolio lost, before I commit more into the platform. Thanks