Leverage question - IMPORTANT


I’m a new user. For the past few days, I traded pretty successfully Oil Brent on virtual account with 500$ account balance. I switched to “real money” and founded it with 50$ but for the same amount of money I could buy almost 11 times less. I restarted virtual account to 100$ and the amount I could buy was the same, yet when it comes to real money I’m able to trade only with very little profits. Is it a leverage issue, or my real money account balance? I’m confused and I will be glad for an explenation.


By default practice mode simulates a professional account you can change this by going to Settings > Trading Preferences > Simulate retail account


Yea, it’s a little annoying but it is because you have 1:500 leverage on the practice account, but only say 1:30 on the cash account. Making trading small amounts quite tricky.


Thank you guys. What about scalping on a proffesional account? Can a trade be finished within less than 5 minutes? Becuase as far as I know scalping is prohibited on normal accounnt?

It’s the other way.

CFD scalping is not allowed I believe.
Invest and ISA, you can do whatever : ie: day trade.

I think the team is relatively flexable though… what they don’t want is abuse to go on, so don’t open/close 100 trades every few minutes.

No wonder when your in practice as default you can make lots on money real quick.