CFD spikes are awesome

Feature suggestion: review the algorithm behind spreads as spikes like this are increasing problematic. Checked the price on 3 other platforms and the spike below is only visible on Trading212

@dMLT Raw spreads usually are significantly larger around 22:00 UK time. Screenshot from Bloomberg, time is GMT+3.


I don’t have access to Bloomberg but I do have access to 2 other brokers (U.K.) and 2 other data sources (charts and live data platforms) and none of the show the same spike.

I did not know T212 are aligning themselves to Bloomberg and not other brokers that retail investors use :thinking:

Why would you bother having other feeds if you had Bloomberg? Bloomberg is the undoubted king of data feeds for investing. If the others aren’t reporting it it’s because they’re wrong, not some odd agenda to screw retail.

A Bloomberg terminal is about 25k per year, per seat.


Also remember some graphs show buy and sell price, and others use bid and ask. This can also result in differences.