T212 specific 10pm Forex price fluctuation

Hello all:

First of all, I apologies if I have somehow missed similar questions to this before, or if there is way to avoid this from the user side.

I have noticed there are some pretty large price flucturation after 22:00 UTC on forex (i.e. GPB/CAD) on the one minutes, price spikes that are far greater in magnitude compared to other “normal” candles. It happened on several of the currency pairs I was trading recently, and unfortunately trigger some stop-loss, only to bounce back in price after aftwerward

At first, I thought it was some market condition that is causing this, but then I realise such fluctuations doesn’t exist in other platforms at the same time windows. See following for example for the GBP/CAD at around 22:00 1st March 2021:

Price spikes on Trade212:

Price movement on Capital (left) and TradingView - FXCM (right)

Yes there were some price movement on both Captial and Tradingview, but no where as extreme as the once on Trade212

Again, I apologies if this is a topic raised and answered before. but it seems quite strange that this only exists on specific platform?

Any help/suggestion appreciated


Between 22:00 and 23:00 GMT the markets in Asia and Australia open, which causes high volatility, and T212’s algorythm (however that works) makes spread even wider with high volatility.
Also you are using 1 mminute chart and the candles look amplified.
In the other screenshot you provided the speard in 125 (or12.5) bips, which is also very wide.

@Alien thank you for your reply, it helps to explain part of it for me.
Still, I observe that the spike on trade212 to be much wider than the other pricing platforms I have access too - we are talking a spread of about 0.006 in one minutes windows on Trade212, which is significantly wider than the others

anyway, thanks. Perhaps the only to avoid being impacted by this is to too set the stop limit with this min mind.


That’s true, and it can lead to SL or TS being triggered unnecessarily. T212 said before they were looking at ways to reduce those sharp spikes, but until they do, if you are affected by those odd spikes you can contact the T212 team, occasionsally they can help.

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