CFD Suggestion - Lower the minimum for commodities

I’ll start off by showing you something that has always bugged me.

Trading212 has Gold and Gold mini.

Gold mini is priced at 1/10th of Gold.

Gold mini has a minimum traded quantity of 10, which is equal to 1 Gold.
Gold on the other hand has a minimum traded quantity of 0.1, which is equal to a gold mini


Whats the point of Gold mini, if the minimum you can buy is 1 Gold?

On the other hand - Cocoa, something I’ve wanted to trade for a while, has a minimum traded quantity of 1, and one is valued at around 2000; that’s simply too high for me - I don’t want to risk that much money. Palladium too.

Copper has a better minimum traded quantity for me, but it could still be lowered. Coffee has a high quantity of 25 which is equal to roughly 3000

Trading212 is a beginner and intermediate platform in my view, and forcing users to risk a large amount of money, which might also mean a large percentage of their capital, seems unreasonable.

@Max Check the new minimum quantities, I think you’ll find them quite reasonable. :slight_smile:

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Wow. I am speechless. This took like what, 12 hours?

And yes! Finally I can trade cocoa and coffee

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