CFD & Time Limits

When I open a trade/CFD, it has a time limit of a week, I would like my trades to stay open for as long as I need them to be, most times its more than a week, is there an option for this?

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They can simply rollover even on expiring contracts. Just make sure you have that setting enabled in your trading settings. Not sure if it’s on by default. But my contracts always rollover normally and stay open.

As seen below:

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What margin levels do 212 offer

Depends on the instrument you are trading.
Normally it is 1:30 ratio, with 5% margin.

For major currency pairs - 3.33%; For non-major currency pairs - 5%

Gold - 5%; Other commodities - 10%


Base indices - 5%; Non-major indices - 10%

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As far as I’m aware CFDs stay open for as long as your account balance can support them. It’s only futures that have expirations and need to be rolled over.

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They do indeed stay open you pay a small fee for it staying open but it stays open