[CFD] Upcoming Increase in Margin Requirements - postponed for 01.12.2020

@Ben12345, I totally agree with your sentiments but I did get an alert on the app at 16:13 today.


I’d still love to know what these extreme market conditions are.


Self inflicted…

I’d still to love to know why the spreads have become bonkers, and why we’ve not had any warning/explanation. As I’ve said before, these two issues together are going to cause a lot of pain tomorrow.


Please please can someone tell me how much more I would need

We have shared already why the chat is currently unavailable. Nonetheless, despite the volume, the reply time is within minutes/hours.

We understand the whole inconvenience - it’s definitely not how we want you to feel about our service. As of the notice period:

Hi all can someone please help a poor girl here? Quite new to this so can’t figure out how much will I need to fund my account

Can we be sure T212’s servers are going to be able to cope tomorrow between 2:30GMT and 3:30GMT, especially given the recent issues?

It’s going to be interesting.


Still incredibly short notice, some stocks were unavailable to buy and other huge spreads, we have 1 hour market time to sell out and sort ourselves. I think we should be given until at least early next week.

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They are horrible ! They should have least provided a way to work out how much you could need


assuming that all open positions have 1:5 leverage then you have open positions with total sum of:
now, in order to maintain the same sum after reducing the leverage to 1:2 you need 12237.9 to be blocked. since you have free 5773.39, you will need additional 1571.35, to maintain the all positions.


We need more time and a guide


Can someone at 212 provide us with a way to work out what percentage of margin (the green bar at the top) we will need before the cut to stay safe? I.e does it need to be 85% + ?

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Omg you are an angel :sob::sob::sob: Thank you so much. Now debating whether it’s worth funding my account or just closing a few positions to clear funds

and give us time to plan an exit if lower than that %, not 1 hour market time with a frantic rush and crash from everyone selling or getting positions closing and a mass volume in here and support

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the rule for the calculation is the following:

  1. you find what total amount of trade you have in open positions. e.g 20 NIO stocks at 53$ = 1060$
  2. until now in order to maintain position worth of 1060, you needed 1/5 of that sum to be blocked which is 212$. This should be displayed in your blocked funds. Basically, to find the total sum assuming you have only 1:5 leverage instruments you just multiply blocked sums by 5.
  3. In order to calculate sum to maintain all positions you need to divide the total sum by 2, as the leverage is decreased to 1:2. It means in order to maintain our 20 nio @53, we need 530$ blocked.
  4. now if you have 200$ free funds, you need to top up at least 330$ in order to not hit margin calls.

RIP my trades due to 1 hr to plan my exit :rofl: dont understand why we’re given such short notice


How to lose a client base in 24 hours - will be a great case study.


@David Hi David, this got me worrying a bit, could you please clarify for me, my profit will not change due to this margin change, will it?

Will I loose any profit I made using 1:5 margin ? Because it will be turning to 1:2.

I have a 5 figure portfolio so I’m extremely concerned I also want to know how long this may last? The 1:2 margin.

Thanks a lot in advance


Don’t want to imagine the amount of people appalled tomorrow, withdrawing all their funds and installing maybe their main competitor, Etoro.