[CFD] Upcoming Increase in Margin Requirements - postponed for 01.12.2020

We basically have 1hour of trading before the change comes into effect or yes add more money to our account.


what will happen in my case?

Wow this thread is quite something :sob::sob:

What this situation has definitely exposed is the majority of CFD users have no idea what they are trading. Worrying to see people posting screenshots of accounts loaded up with £££££ then asking if a leverage change decreases their profit :grimacing::grimacing:

Edit: also scary the amount of people using CFD for long-term investments




No it’s not.

With CFD, if you buy 1 share for £1000 you will need to put up £200 of your own money. Later today that will change to £500.

That is all that’s changing here.

Use this calculator kindly provided or do the maths yourself if you can. Will tell you what new margin requirement (blocked funds) is - you need to make sure that is available in free funds at a minimum.

If you are unable to do this you do not “lose” profit. What will happen is 212 force close out your positions for whatever the running profit or loss is. If you want them to stay open, follow my first paragraph.

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Trading 212 is allowed to change margin requirements when they require and if people understood the basics of trading CFDs you wouldn’t have a problem calculating how much margin you require when it changes to 1/2 leverage. I feel like people have jumped on the band wagon and tried to make “quick money” without understanding how the core mechanics of CFD trading.
On the otherhand, is 24 hours enough and reasonable time? Maybe, maybe not.


It is unbelievable, no wonder why 80% of people lose money regularly…


Yeah, really weird how beginning traders don’t know all the ins and outs yet and may need help from experienced traders… Which is what a forum is for. Also, not everyone is a native English speaker, like me, and I just didn’t know how to read T212’s push message.

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Things will only close if you don’t have enough money to cover the margin.

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No issue with beginners needing help. But personally if I was a beginner with the level of knowledge of some of the people asking questions on this thread, I’d be in a practice account - not sitting with £15k worth of CFD positions.


@David @Tony.V Can you please explain how long it will take until the leverage will be reset to 1:5?

It’s ok, if this had happened when I first started trading CFDs I’d have been worried and would have wanted some clarification.

Don’t feed the trolls :wink:


That’s a bit unfair to be honest we have gone through a pandemic, lockdown and a lot of people have lost their jobs and have had to do something for some that was taking advantage of a a volatile market during the election I don’t think you should condescend to adults asking for advice

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This. Can we stay on topic please.

That’s what I thought, just wondered why that user was talking about fractional shares being sold off in the Isa and Invest accounts :man_shrugging:

I would also add:

  • Forced closing of ALL cryptocurrency positions with less than 2 days’ notice at 01:00 today
  • Many (all?) spreads have been greatly increased recently (not just crypto)
  • The increased spreads may affect the forced closure of crypto (at 01:00) and stocks (at 15:30), decreasing gains or increasing losses
  • I believe that swap fees have doubled recently
  • Only 1 hour to deal with US stocks today
  • Pre-market may actually be open, just not on Trading 212 (need to confirm)
  • Unnecessary CGT liabilities or increased losses
  • Some users receiving the notification much later than others
  • “Many people were posting examples of extreme dips (possibly due to new massive spreads) in charts recently, where no such dips existed on other feeds”

Anything else?


Crypto trading has always been a scam anyway you meant to actually own the bitcoin not trade on it


Many people were posting examples of extreme dips (possibly due to new massive spreads) in charts recently, where no such dips existed on other feeds.


Good point.

Didn’t mean to be condescending but can see that’s how it came across.

It’s just worrying because although this change won’t financially impact people i.e. running profit unaffected, CFDs are fairly complex instruments compared to normal shares, you can lose a lot of money very quickly if you aren’t aware of the ins and outs (and this thread shows a lot of people who are risking a lot of money on something they maybe don’t understand as good as they should).