CFD Calculator for leverage change

Github to the code:


This should help people. Nice one.

I’ll collect my novelty sized cheque and nobel prize at the first T212 meet-up.


just to clarify, is it the total amount of the CFD account? or the amount on my free funds?
im being an idiot.

I think it’s free funds but I’m also not sure

This is an incredible thing to do mate. So many people are really struggling with this change (which was in typical fashion communicated atrociously) so this will be a great help to so many.

To the 212 team, whilst I can understand the reasoning provided on your side for these changes, the accompanying communication surrounding it was more than lacking.

My impression of the communication was “this is what we are doing and before you get mad look at the terms we can do what we want” - this style of communication severely lacks a “here is what you need to do to keep positions open I.e. how to calculate additional margin requirements”. Just some feedback for the next major short notice change :man_shrugging:


That’s putting it very nicely, I can’t even imagine what is being said (or isn’t) in their discussions about how to handle this, it’s completely faceless.

So the number we get at the bottom I.e £5000, is that that the amount I need to top my account up by?
Or do I have to get my free funds to that number

Depends which of these you selected when calculating…

Top up your free funds by the value indicated in “how much do I need to top up by” to maintain your current status you were at on Thursday. This is key. I should probably default the drop down to that metric.

This will maintain your current status despite you being hit with the need to have more cash in your account, the total amount of which is shown in the first option “new blocked total”.

First of all thank you @obrienciaran that’s really helpful man!

I’ve another question, now that they will change the leverage, will this affect our profit and loss if let’s say for example prices are the same with the previous close?

How does it work on this aspect?


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Thank you!

Your profit and loss will stay the same as long as you can top up your account by the correct value to keep yourself afloat.

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Does anyone know if we will now be allowed to buy more of the blocked stocks - like moderna and biontech now - I assume a lot of people will be forced to close their long positions?

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Hi all,

Updates made to the calculator. I understand people don’t necessarily want to know how much money they need to upload to stay at their current margin as this can be quite the sum. People may be more interested in knowing how much they need to upload in order to be at 40% or 50% margin for example.

I threw together the calcultor quickly last night to help people. Now that bloodmagedden is pushed out until Tuesday, I made a change to it. Any other feedback welcome.


For some reason it doesn’t work for me can someone have try for me I have enclosed a screenshot , I had to close many of my open position to get free funds to 21k , I’m not really happy with the way t212 are going about this , so many positions I closed which I didn’t want to Screenshot_2020-11-27-20-21-13-58_b2821ec0506715f5c2cd059661654996|230x500

You’ll need to upload 8284.785 to your account to maintain where you are at now.

You’ve loads in your free funds though so you’re fine. No need to do anything. Your % margin will drop from 83% though

Updates made to this calculator thanks to @Supraman and @Richard.W

Where as before, the calculator showed how much to top up your account to maintain the same margin based on your blocked funds, the calculator is now more robust and takes into consideration your free funds, and the target margin you wish to be at.

Appreciate you having a look, I wish they postponed it much earlier instead of letting everyone know in the last hour yesterday, I could have kept most of my open positions that I was forced to close

Likewise. I could closed a few for profit, but would have likely kept them open longer.

Hi there, like many I am confused and concerned as to adjusted amount required and why this is required.

If account value blocked is 22,313 at 56% at present and free funds are 5,736 and states free funds at 20.45 % how much additional must be put in by Tuesday?