Chart pie auto sell

Chart pies are amazing, the problem is that they don’t offer limit stop like when you buy the stock separately.

For me this is vital for times with high volatility. It would be really great if once a pie is performing on the green you could specify certain level so it it drops below it sells part of the pie.

Example: let’s say your chart pie has a return of 10% so far. Then if you specify auto sell 50% of the stocks if it drops to 5% and 100% if it drops to -1% return.

This would be amazingly useful in case there was a let’s say 30% market crash.

I hope other people find it useful too!!! :smiley:

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I think it will be better to be able to put a trailing stop on all a pie or on a particular stock off the pied and a to be able to put a stop order on a particular stock off the pie.

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That sounds great, I hope the trading212 team considers this idea as it will dramatically reduce the fears of getting caught by the bubble :slight_smile: