Stop loss for pie's

Dear Trading212 community and Trading212 Team ,

will there be a development in the future for a Stop Loss options on a Pie ??

The Pie option with the auto invest is a really nice thing, how ever security is missing while using this great tool in your app.

A Stop Loss on the whole Pie to secure losses
a Stop Loss on each individual stock with in the Pie would be great

Thank you for updates


if you are worried about losses why are you using a pie?

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If you need a stop loss, you should probably keep the position outside the pie. I believe the pies are more a tool for very long term investors, who tend to keep investments throughout any market season


Agreed, the whole purpose of an Pie is to invest. I wouldn’t even consider putting a stop loss. If anything this should be used as an opportunity to average down. I don’ think stop really apply to investing or more for day trading. If you need to implement a sale at a loss then i’d question your plan. Or you so longer believe in the company your investing. Or they’re about to go bust.


What would you do if the market start crashing?Let say 10 % in a day and you are unavailable for some reason?
I think the Timm’s question is pertinent and make some sens…

Why would you sell out after a 10% drop? That’s when you buy more as a long term investor. That’s what pies are for. If you’re going to sell your stocks at any sign of decline means you have no faith in the company in the long term. If you want to try sell and buy back in that’s not really the use of pies, pies are for cost averaging easily. I would never set a stop loss on any of my companies!

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Fair point! I don’t disagree for technical corrections having no deep impact.

However, remember Nasdaq dropped, in 2000 bubble, and recovered to the same level in 2016.
I’m really talking about that kind of situation.
Would it be wise to have a treshold safeguard, I guess yes.

If you want to cover youself you can always set a price alert, to be let’s say 5 to 7 % higher that the max drop you are able to accept. When this point is reached you may consider to remove that stock from your pie, and monitor it either with another price alert, or just by following it closer. Just an idea

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Until the stop loss feature can be used in a pie, that is a good idea.
Thanks Pasquale!

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Nothing. Just keep drinking my coffee. Markets will eventually recover. Has always been the case, will always be the case.

Anything in my pies is long term for my retirement. I don’t touch until then and only keep adding funds regularly. Past March I was deep in the red due to Covid-19 sell off, closed 2020 with +17% return. I am satisfied.

Buy more if I could.

Would that not be worth to have a tracking stop loss?

So on the long term thought, if you you have a profit of 20% after few year, you can setup a stop loss for 10% crash so you sundely don’t lose all your profits?

What you guys think?

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A nasty crash can suddenly drop 15-30%…
By adding a stop loss at least you can protect your portfolio.

I would do the same. Buy the dip

Buying a falling knife is not a good idea sometimes. Really look into the financials of the company which is falling if this is only 1 falling and not the whole market.

Getting more shares into a company because you have faith in it it’s completely ridiculous. You should see what’s the reasons behind the hit and not just buy blindly.

the same can be said for people who sell just because the price drops a bit. that is also ridiculous.

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