Check out my first new pie

Guys as a newbie here,please have a look on my new first pie (Smart Pie).If you think that something ain’t that right or good feel free to comment and of course if you share or copy would be highly appreciated :pray:t2::pray:t2:STAY SAFE

could you share your pie link?

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Not sure if I can do that on this reply,is it ok if I just paste the link on here?

yes ofc, but I would like to ask @Dao or @Vedran to split and merge this thread with Share your pie recipes

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can do if you and gigi think its necessary. there isn’t an actual pie link currently so moving it would just lose the chance for clear feedback that Gigi may have been looking for however.

I assumed Gigi would post the link here so that’s why I wanted it moved. Link already is in the other threads so this one isn’t needed anymore

do you want this topic to be closed now that you have a post with the link to your pie shared in the main thread?

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Thanks for your help :pray:t2: