Pies in Pies.... Within pies within pies

Hi all,

Years ago we were promised pies within pies within pies but I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know how to use this feature?

It’s not built yet. I think it’s still in the plans though.

A few of us are waiting for that, as some other things too, auto invest from free funds and others.
We were promised that long time ago, and I guess for now they can’t tell you an estimated date. But we will be notified when that happens :wink:


@toptom007, we’ll let you know once we’re closer to having this feature.

@pintas, AutoInvest from free funds is here. You can find more details in this thread. :ok_hand:

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Wasn’t this soon 2 years ago?

You mean when Coronavirus hit and the whole world had to start working from home? Or when Trading 212 closed their sign ups and had all hands on deck to get their EU ops re-opened and completely rebuild their UK operation after the passporting scheme ended after Boris and his cronies bungled Brexit?

Oh yeah 212 where’s my pies within pies? You lazy!

Any updates on this? @Bogi.H @Team212

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Not at the moment, I’m afraid, @pintas. I know it’s a much-anticipated feature, so I’ll make sure to update the thread the minute I have more info.

Thank you for your patience :pray: