American education technology company.

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Morning @T212 @David @Martin @PeterA

Can you please add NYSE:CHGG (Chegg Inc.) to the request list please?

Bit more of a stable EdTech stock.



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Yeah, I’ve been requesting this one for a while. It’s one of the few stocks I hold outside T212 now. I’m not convinced by the likes of GSX and, as you say, Chegg seems to be among the better edtech options.

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I only noticed as I was looking at Q2 earnings coming up this week and they piqued my interest and I thought they were already on the platform.

I also think EdTech wil be a grower over the next 6 months at least.

There is already 4 separate topics requesting this ticker. Oldest dating May, might be more useful reminding/bumping in that topic then brand new one. :slight_smile:

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Ooft, rookie mistake, @Vedran apologies, I didn’t search first.

You mind combining? I don’t have that functionality.

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I don’t have powers, T212 skipped me when passing “Admin” privileges. Wonders why :partying_face:

Might have to flip a table in the lounge and make it happen… :wink:

Yeah, that would be good, would show that there’s demand for stocks such as Chegg and HelloFresh, which can otherwise get easily overlooked with three-four threads each.


Testing the powers :drum:

This was one of first requests for the Chgg, there are some others with multiple ticker request, but anyway. 9th May pretty ancient request. :slight_smile:


Thanks for merging!

For me, Chegg and, to a lesser extent, HelloFresh are among the most glaring omissions from the platform.

I’m none too phased by the delay adding it. Rather than join Captain Hindsight’s brigade, and bumping this thread relentlessly, moaning about missing out on gains etc, I went ahead and invested elsewhere in May. That said, it would be nice to consolidate as many of my holdings on T212 as possible eventually.

Seems to have been added, no doubt thanks to Joey getting on the case!

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Pays to be polite I suppose.

Thanks @Team212


Thanks, any chance CHGG could be made fractional please? Keen to add it to a pie.

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