China Mobile (HKG:0941)

Hi Guys,

I just want your opinion on China mobile (HKG:0941) for long term investment. I will be investing directly into Hong Kong exchange through Degiro rather then the ADR.

What do you all think about this stock?

Hi Guy,

China mobile is a bet on 5g and the Chinese market. Which is a good long term bet. The main downside that it is majority Government owned so is subject to political interference…although you could say that for any telecoms company😀.

By the way may I ask why you are going with Degiro instead of just buying the ADR here on Trading 212. Just curious.

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If I buy the ADR then it would be subject to dividend /capital gains tax whereas if I buy stocks on Hong Kong then there is no tax on dividend and capital gains.

I hope that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was tempted by this too but trying to limit the number of stocks I hold :joy::see_no_evil:

Im not sure that does make sense. Capital gains tax is based both on local tax laws and your own residency as far as I’m aware.

Oh how stupid of me. Just a newbie here. Anyone here with more knowledge on Hong Kong - UK dividend/capital gain tax rules?

Hi Raza,

I am not a tax lawyer or accountant.

But my understanding is any HK shares are not subject to withdrawal tax on dividends or capital gains for non residents.

However if you are a UK resident then you are subject to UK dividend and capital gains tax. If the HK shares are not eligible for inclusion in an ISA account. In other words if you have to hold them in an Invest account.

The issue is which HK shares are eligible for inclusion into an ISA.

Recently there has been some problems with Chinese & other companies that have initially been included in an ISA. But subsequently when Trading 212 did an audit, due to members’ concern, found out they were not eligible. This meant all were “forceable” sold in members’ ISA accounts by Trading 212. This left some with big trading losses.

So if Trading 212 in the future do offer HKSE shares :crossed_fingers:, they have to be careful and double check which ones are eligible for ISA inclusion or not.

Hope this clarifies things.

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There’s more than just UK users of T212.
Tax compliance is the responsibility of the individual.


That’s true. But I made the assumption that @Raza us a UK resident.

You are right for those who are not UK tax resident, they will need to do their own research.

If I understood correctly. I will not pay withholding tax to Hong Kong but will stay pay tax on as I would on dividend recieved from UK companies. Like adding to income threshold and then applying the tax rate.

By the way are they plans to add Hong kong exchange on T212? I would love to Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and Japan exchange on T212.

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