Hong Kong Stocks

Hi @David,

With the issues regarding Chinese shares in ISA, would you reconsider offering shares listed on the HKSE?

My understanding is that they are a recognised exchange by HMRC, so shares should be eligible for inclusion in an ISA account.

I remember on a post you said that it may be available in Q2. Although other posts suggest you are not offering it at the moment.

Can you clarify?


HKSE would be perfect addition


two points here
1- there are awesome things to buy on HKEX and it’d be awesome to have it in T212 and there are several requests for this to happen in the past here (including myself) if your reason for requesting HKEX is this :point_up: , hurray!

if your reason for requesting HKEX is this :point_down: no dice :slight_smile:
2- HKEX being available to trade on T212 will not change much about the recently un-ISA-eligibified stocks like TSM or NIO. HMRC only recognises main board from HKEX, cross listed shares (like JD.Com) or shares listed in minor boards like GEM still won’t be avialble. If any of those 90 shares removed from ISAs were listed on main board of HKEX, there would not be a problem in the first place, regardless of HKEX availability on T212 or not.

for example if you look at JD listing https://www.hkex.com.hk/Market-Data/Securities-Prices/Equities/Equities-Quote?sym=9618&sc_lang=en you’ll notice it is a Cayman Islands incorporated stock, that is listed on NASDAQ primarily. so can’t go into your ISA regardless of where its bought from.



I’m not trying to get Nio in my ISA don’t worry :joy:

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Well JD.com is off my list. But plenty of other Hong Kong stocks on my list :grinning:

well i used jd as an example, but same applies to these 90 and more

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I know it was JD.com that I was thinking off. So it was coincidental that you also mentioned it.

Hong Kong Stonks

Sorry, just had to say it.

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I have Hutchison China Meditech in my ISA and It did cross my mind if it was Compliant with HMRC rules. My phone rang and I forgot all about it oops.

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Are there plans for Trading 212 to add HKEX main board shares?

Hopefully a @Team212 member can comment on the above thread come Monday :+1:

Since T212 utilise InteractiveBrokers and IB aleady offer a load of HK stocks… seems no reason T212 can’t offer


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I am very interested in this too…

Totally WANT hkse on Trading212 :raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2:

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any news here?
thank you

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I would be very interested in this please. Was there any outcome of this through thread? It would be great to get a response from trading 212 on this. Even just a “no” or a “we are considering it”. Thanks

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Hi @mrowland101 ,

From another topic, I remember them saying that they are going to prioritise European and North American stock exchanges as they are easier to implement in terms of regulation.

So Hong Kong stock exchange may take some time which is a shame.