CINE Suspended on CFD

Would be great if T212 acted fairly and allowed people to profit when tickers are suppose to nose dive, rather than suspend the instrument.

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surprise, surprise, the ticker CINE is now open to trade after having a 20p drop in price!

CINE dropped to 16p at one point but T212 is showing a 20% mark-up on all CINE prices that is some mark-up. T212 profits for the win.

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I think this simply reflects the costs that Trading 212 faces in hedging these positions in a very volitile market. Can you find other CFD brokers offering better terms?

Does the LSE have trading halts like NYSE? Looks like there are two areas where there were no quotes. Anyway probably better to wait at the sidelines for now, looks like they are being scooped up. Probably the same phenomenon we see with bankrupt stocks. “OMG… cheap stocks, must buy them all!”

There were folks here and on reddit buying Wirecard as the company was diving into the gutter.

Yes, and waiting for my account to be sorted! i doubt you use CFD as you would be aware that these issues are T212 related.

I have no intention to purchase CINE long, as just like Retail stores it hasn’t got much growth potential in future, and will reduce in size (in my opinion).

No idea Richard I do not have the brains for CFD trading and it was not a dig at T212.

No brains needed. Just guts and patience.

Actually you’re right it looks like CFDs were opened 6 minutes late. First candle is 8.06am. I thought it might have been a trading halt or something. But if it was a halt there’d be 5 minutes of those blank lines. That’s what halts look like on other stocks anyway.


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Isn’t the point about CFDs that you’re not trading in the actual stocks so in a sense T212 can offer whatever terms it feels like (particularly for a volatile stock) and you can decide whether to accept it or not.

If you don’t like the risk or spread or terms then you have the choice to move your business elsewhere?

Thanks for cross checking @pipo

@red, problem is T212 have a special way of doing business, and you don’t discover it, until it happens. i’m unsure why you would find this issue as acceptable, but let me guess, you also don’t trade CFD, so when a cock-up happens with Invest and ISA which happens often too (slow execution, unable to stop purchase orders, NIO not eligible for ISA, Tesla and Apple stock split, Right Issues etc), please bare in mind to take your business elsewhere rather than vent your frustration!.. Note it was a feature & suggestion idea!

I’m still not sure what you are really complaining about (nor is it Particularly helpful/relevant to ask about whether other users are using CFDs).

If this isn’t the first time you’ve come across this scenario then it sounds like it is a case of T212s CFD business model not working for you.

Comparisons with regulated activities aren’t helpful either - NIO being ineligible for ISAs is a mistake (which has to be corrected) rather than a business model. The closer analogy is the situation you mentioned with stock splits and I don’t think that T212 handled them particularly well and I made my decisions accordingly.

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I wouldn’t expect you to understand as you are Not a CFD user.

I have yet to discover T212 business model around CFD usage as i stated in a previous forum post related to CFD, and ignored by staff. My comparison of cock-ups may not be helpful to you as you made the decision to remain with T212, however it clearly showed there have been mistakes made on all areas of the platform, and that staff do feedback frustrations to higher team members which may encourage changes in future… so unsure why people like to blame CFD users, and not the methods which T212 use.

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Thanks for the patronising comments - very helpful.

I neither confirmed or denied whether I use CFDs as it is not relevant to understanding or more importantly anybody’s business except mine!

No one is blaming you, but trying to help you understand the reasons for your issues! You don’t seem to be interested in alternative explanations to yours so with that I’ll leave you.

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you’re most welcome regarding my comment @red , strange you don’t see your feedback as patronising neither contradicting.

You seem to be the one who is limited to understanding why this would be a useful suggestion/idea for CFD users, likewise frustrating for a CFD user to experience due to solely trading with T212… your conclusion was taking business elsewhere/T212 business model not working for me as a CFD user, but didn’t seem to be an option for you when You had an issue with T212 “business model”. Try reading over my comments and don’t forget what my post said:

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soz :joy:

I don’t trade CFD but that is annoying @Hectares


lol i love the GIF, sorry i just find it so annoying that people can complain about unfair practices with T212 when using the ISA and Invest platform with CFD users having the ability to understand Their frustrations, but as soon as its a CFD issue they seem to think that “anything is acceptable”. KMT

@Hectares Cineworld opened on the LSE at 08:05:49, this has nothing to do with Trading 212.


Thank you @David for the CINE information, i also read your comment in another CINE post.

Confused that SNOW was available to CFD users at $155 and $160 before being open to the general public, are CFD’s different for UK stocks? is there a non-jargon document i can read to understand T212 CFD practices?

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