Claim losses Uk Help


Has anyone claim losses in Uk ? I have a regular job and my last financial year in stock market I’ve finished red, is there any chance to claim losses to pay less tax in my regular job?

Thank you!

ISA are UK tax exempt

Invest has capital gains tax if you make profit and you can claim loss to offset against future capital gains tax liability. However, its irrelevant to income tax (ie I assume tax on your regular job)

thank you for your response

You may be able to carry your losses forward to future years to put against profits.
There are certain categories where they affect income tax, but not doable in your case I think.

Google will have many pages, but honestly the easiest answer is to phone HMRC. I’ve always found them very helpful. Sometimes I’ve called them twice - you can get a usefully different answer if one is more chatty than another.