Newbie Question - stocks taxes for UK

Hi guys, I’m holding a trading 212 account (investing) with some stocks from US. Is there any tax allowence for this? If I need to pay taxes for Buying or selling stocks, how can I do it?

Thank you

Hey :wave:,

This really depends from the regional taxation requirements. The most relevant thing to do here is to contact the authorities and they’ll be able to elaborate further.


Since you title the post “- stocks taxes for UK”, may we assume you are UK resident? If that is the case then there are no taxes to pay to HMRC if the stocks are bought and sold within an ISA. But if you are holding shares outside an ISA wrapper then a tax liability can arise if your dividend income exceeds £2,000 per year, or your capital gains exceeds £12,000. The usual way to figure and pay these taxes is by submitting a self-assessment form once a year. There is a lot of information available on pages, eg.

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