Classifying securities on 212

Does anyone have a good way of doing this - some other brokers have their own ‘odd’ sector classifications, and short of scraping exchanges, I’m not sure the best way to get industry sector/sub sectors, etc.

Essentially I’m looking to identify companies, and then (hopefully) easily see their peers.

I will then use this to whittle down and focus my research :face_with_monocle:

I don’t just want to google say ‘competitors of Microsoft’ and so on. Not a company I’m looking at but you get the drift. I would like to apply a more logical approach if possible.




Using a stock screener to sort by the same sector and industry may be your best bet. Using MSFT as an example, you could add “Technology” and “Software - Infrastructure” as fields using Yahoo’s free screener then add any further filters you want like marketcap etc.

As @chantal says, Simply Wall St can be good for this too. There’s a ‘competitor’ section on most stock pages but I’ve found it a little hit and miss at times.

My favourite thing about Simply Wall St is this section which gives a visual representation of a portfolio’s diversification: