Close all positions feature

I think it would be great if we have close all positions feature.
I would have really helped Yesterday, at one point wanted to close all my positions.

Lol hope that has a thing that says “confirm this action” and then “you sure about this action” and at very last “No regreat action” just incase you miss click it. But again, i miiiiight just miss click it 3 times and boom bye portfolio


There’s a button on the web app to close all positions.

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well its a cool feature for some people who are a day traders for me is not good one I am afraid to push it by mistake :frowning:

I believe the easiest way to do this is to go your pie, select withdraw funds, and drag the slider all the way to the right. This then closes all positions in a pie and sends the funds back to your ‘free funds’.

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Not just for day traders, I read that even George Soros would sometimes go flat and then build portfolio again.
Many brokers have that kind of button.
I didn’t before that web app has it, I have to check that.

(This should probably be in the feature requests forum).

+1 for this. When the market goes bonkers (like last Monday, for instance), and you have several positions you need to close very quickly, the ability to check each holding and click ‘Flatten’, would be huge (providing 212 doesn’t act-up).

The current interface (desktop) has too many clicks to sell and buy. The time taken to do this for each share in a rapidly falling market could mean heavy, life-changing losses.

And we all (should) know, a crash WILL happen.

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When there’s a crash, you should precisely do the opposite : buy the dip… :slight_smile:

When it’s bottomed, I will with the profits from the top :smiley:

But if it’s your life’s savings, you (probably) want out.

Indeed :slight_smile: