Please beware, stoplosses randomly canceled

On Friday I had 6 “BUY positions” all with a “sell” stoploss attached to them. Today (monday), when i logged in, all of those stoplosses attached to the buy positions had disappeared, leaving me 100% exposed.

I brought the problem up with customer services help chat, but they don’t seem too interested in taking it seriously. Seems like their opinion is that there are no stoploses on right now so i didn’t make any.

Here i just want to say that if you use leveraged positions with stops, and want to stay with T212, then please be careful and check the stops regularly.

@David @PeterA one to look into to see what the logs show. Good chance the chat support are being useless.

When you set a stop loss, make sure that you use the GTC (Good-Til-Cancelled) instead of the day time frame. Otherwise your stop loss is canceled at the end of the day.


They are referring to CFD not Invest/ISA

Hello @MarkLuds,

From what I can see the SLs were cancelled by placing market orders on the same positions, shortly before market open. Until then, they stayed active, no issues found.

Thanks Crow. My stoplosses had been sat on the buy positions for about 3 weeks with no problems. There doesn’t seem to be a time cutoff on the CFD paltform.

Well then you have some hints and are half way towards finding the bug. Look, I’m moving my account over to Interactive brokers. This issue doesn’t affect me anymore. If you want to take what I’m saying seriously that’s for you to decide. But i would as it’s quite a serious problem if you have a bug that randomly cancelled my stops.

I have no grudge. you can look for yourselves and see that all my positions were in profit. I hadn’t lost money. But if you have a bug i should say something.

Here is what happened:

  1. On Friday all my buy positions had stoplosses (these stops were added at the point of placing the buy orders).
  2. I DID NOT place any market orders or touch my account over the weekend.
  3. On Monday, NONE of my buy positions had stoplosses anymore.

I’m sure you don’t want to admit this was a problem on your backend, but I have no reason to make this up. I don’t want anything from you. You can see i’ve already moved most of my money out of my account.


Sorry, not all my positions were in profit, but most*