Closed Long Position Overnight Interest Rates (CFD)

Does anyone else know if you there’s a way to look at the long position overnight rates for positions you have held and closed previously? I have a current long position and the interest I’m being charged changes everyday and daily statements or the interest report on the website do not state the rates I’m being charged at so I’m concerned T212 are just charging what they want at this point. Makes me wonder how they’ve came to interest rate charges for all my previous long positions as well.

Menu in top right > Reports > Interest:

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There you will see the interest paid for your overnight position. Keep in mind that in the weekend it will be a bit higher.

Thanks for coming back but it’s the actual rates they are charging for the long positions rather than the final total they have already deducted. I know the rates vary over the weekend but it’s changing everyday as the interest charged on my long position is different everyday. Note I’ve held this position for almost 2 weeks now so would’ve expected to have seen some of the interest figures being identical from 1 week to the next.