@David @Y.M

Please can you add CloudMD Software & Services Inc (OTCMKTS: DOCRF)

Requests for this stock go back to September 2020 but it still hasn’t been added yet and no reason has been provided as to why it can’t. Thanks for your help.

Similarly @David @Y.M can we get WELL Health Technologies Corp


Not elligible

Whilst it passes the basic test this one probably isn’t elligible either because of liquidity.

Why is CloudMD not eligible?

And I’ve seen OTC stocks on 212 with smaller volume than WLYYF so @David @Y.M can we get it added please.

Not Penny Stock Exempt.

You read the warning on your screenshot?

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CHRYY isn’t penny stock exempt yet it’s on 212 and neither is CCOM.

Have you seen the warning on the CCOM screenshot, have you seen that CCOM is on 212?? The warning on CCOM looks far more serious than WLYYF and I doubt it’d take me long to find a stock on 212 that has the same warning as WLYYF.

Clearly the rules on which OTC stocks can go on 212 aren’t that consistent/strict.

@David @Y.M is it possible to get these stocks on 212?

just because something was added before, does not mean it will be added now. the requirements have changed since those previous stocks were added.

I’m surprised CHRYY does not have the PSE indicator, as I’m sure one of the passable criteria is that the value is above $5, so perhaps a mistake by the OTC site.

Any chance anyone working for 212 could reply to this and state whether either of these stocks can get added?

Based on the volume depicted in each of those screen shots, none of them will be able to be added as they do not meet 212s liquidity criteria I’m afraid.

What’s the liquidity/volume criteria?

You’ll need to look around the forum at other requests to get an idea of it. The criteria itself hasn’t been detailed but instruments with far higher volume than these have been turned down due to liquidity issues.

Here are a couple of examples;