Request for Ayr Wellness Inc (OTCMKTS:AYRWF) to be added (liquid and penny stock exempt)

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Hi can you add Ayr Wellness Inc (OTCMKTS:AYRWF) please. Screenshot below and link here shows it’s penny stock exempt and has strong volume (not illiquid), so I believe it meets all the requirements to be added. There was also a previous post requesting for it to be added but it still hasnt been actioned and don’t understand why. Thanks

79k avg volume is not strong. I’d be surprised if this is enough. You should be looking for upwards of 1m.

That other post I linked was on Jul 11th and had a request for VRNOF which has an average volume of 225k which appears to have been added so don’t know where upwards of 1m is coming from.

Even similar stocks (same industry, similar mcap) like GRAMF and ACRHF have volumes of 147k (added Jul ‘21) and 76k (added Jan ‘21) respectively.

AYRWF is the only stock from its peer group that isn’t on the platform as far as I can tell and it isn’t illquid even if your saying it’s not strongly liquid. It’s even slightly more liquid than ACRHF that was added this year.

It’s coming from experience of trying to get dozens of OTC stocks added for people with no absolute guidance from T212 on what exactly their liquidity threshold is.

Don’t know when those other stocks were added but might have been at a time before they realised they needed to be more careful about it.



Well as I said above some of these stocks with similarity volume to AYWRF were added as recently as last mont, when these liquidity problems were known so don’t see why AYWRF can’t be added too.

@David @Rumen @Y.M can any of you assist? It would also be helpful if you could add DigitalOcean Holdings Inc (NYSE:DOCN) which IPO’d in March 2021

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Digital Ocean is on right? Or are you a new EU customer?

My mistake! Was typing “Digital Ocean” in the search bar (i.e. with a space) so it wasn’t showing up.

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Good news!

Seems your instinct was right. :+1:t2:

Brilliant! Thanks Joey and the 212 team!

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