Colour words in PDF

Does anyone know how to colour certain words in a PDF.

For example if I wanted to colour the word enplanement in green on mass within a PDF doc.

Then to colour another word say yellow like traffic.

Any ideas?

Print it out, colour in what you need with crayons, then scan it back in?


I wouldn’t know how to change the font colour but you can highlight it in the correct application

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You can do this for free with Adobe Reader.

Just click on the color to change the highlight color.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck.

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I can’t find this option on Adobe I’ve got the top bar but not the second one.

To open the second bar click on “Comment” on the side.
Then click on the “Highlight Text” and then change the color.

Good Luck.

Hi Rygel, thanks but this does not highlight and colour in mass.

I want to press CTRL+F and just colour every word that say loss instantly.

I’m no Adobe whizz, but I’ve not heard of a quick way to do this.

I’d suggest Ctrl + A the pdf and copy/paste to a Word doc. Then do your Ctrl + F, re-colour manually, then convert back to a new pdf when you Save As…

Highlighting all iterations of the word in Word would be quicker, but unfortunately when you convert to pdf the highlights are lost. If you do the legwork in colouring manually they at least carry over to the new pdf.

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There is a “Find, Highlight, and Extract Words” Action but only for Acrobat Pro subscription.
Or you can try using other editors from the internet…
Another option would be to OCR the PDF put it in word and do it from there.

Good Luck!

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You need the Pro subscription to use the Redact like on that blog.

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Thanks everyone, its so frustrating!

You can do it on UKADVFN but I can’t get it to work, I’m assuming you need to be a paid member or something.