Suggestion use of colour

Thought it would be good to put a subtle background colour to US stock and a different colour to UK stock so they stand out more.

and what about German stocks? and Canadian? Spanish? Italian? Austrian? HK soon? Irish?

I think tickers should include market name, i.e NQ for Nasdaq, NY for NYSE. LE for LSE.

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Just to point out that there are accessibility issues around using colour alone to signify something, what if a user is colour blind for example?

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Where exactly do you mean to put the colour? On the individual stock page, watch lists, portfolio or in search? Usually it is pretty clear what country it’s from where I can see

I thought on the portfolio home page , I know the market is written there ie UK or US but I thought that if the stock was further highlighted it would make it easier to differentiate. If other markets come on stream then add more colours if necessary. The intention would be to not take anything away just add a hue. Make it a personal choice as some may prefer white only on all held stock.

Yea absolutely to bring optional, I like the clean look (if only dark mode was darker)

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