Company going private

Hi, I would like to ask what happens to shareholders shares when a company decides to go private or when it is acquired by another private company with cash per each share

What is trading212 compensation policy in this case?

Hello @filipasa,

In a scenario similar to the one you described above - if you hold a position on such stock it will be closed at the official agreement price/cash per share.

@PeterA Just to clarify your answer is in relation to “invest & Isa” ? Apologies the terminology “position” often gets used a lot here amongst folks discussing CFD, i could be wrong.

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@imichael2006 Yes - this is related for Invest/ISA platform.

Although, “position” is applicable for both, as it means that you take a position on a certain market with a specific instrument, exposing yourself to risk in an effort to gain profit.

@PeterA Is there any fee that applies?
I am looking at Magnachip (MX), they have a definitive agreement to be acquired at the price of 29$ per share. Will I get 29$ per share when the deal is done or there is some costs of taking the share private and I end up getting less?
Sorry if this is basic question, but it’s my first time going through this.

I sugest be cautious about that.