Stocks After Company Buy Out

Background: If a company acquires another company, and I own shares in the latter, one of three scenarios can occur:

[ 1 ] The aquiring company purchases the bought company’s shares. Shares of the bought out company are replaced with the corresponding amount of cash.

[ 2 ] Stock-for-stock merge occurs — holders of shares of the takeover company will have that stock replaced with shares of the new company.

[ 3 ] Combination of the above two — shareholders receiving some cash and some stocks.

My question: has this ever happened on Trading212?
If so, how elegantly was it carried out?
If not, how does Trading212 plan on carrying this out?
Would it be wrong of me to assume that this is a matter which would be handled by your intermediary, IB?

Replies welcomed.
A @Team212 response would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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On Trading 212 currently, they’ll never give you the shares in any of these mergers, takeovers, stock splits etc. You will always get the cash equivalent.


Is that true? Thank you.

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Yes it’s been true for every previous occasion. They’ll always just give you the cash value for you to buy the shares manually. They’re working on making it better though.