Compensation for EU citizen

I want to open a 212 account.

I live in France. Am I going to be registered to the UK or Bulgaria entity ?

What will be the max compensation for my case ie being an EU citizen?


With 212 if I deposit cash, where is this cash held ? In a real bank account ?

Everything is covered in the terms and conditions document.
I’d advise you to have a good read through, it will answer everything you have asked.

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Thanks. Just found the answers.

Last question. Does 212 provide an annual statement for tax purposes?

It’s in there too, but from what I remember, I think you have to email them directly and they will then issue one via email.

edit see below:


Great thanks a lot.

In France I need to declare also accounts. Will I have access to the IBAN of the cash account as well as to the trading account number ? I need to declare both accounts

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Best speak with the trading212 team on that one, I don’t know an exact answer on that one. sorry.


The cash that is segregated into a seperate bank account does not need to be declared as it is not your account. It is a collective account of everyone’s free cash. Don’t even think of the money as in a bank, it’s on your brokerage account.

All you need to worry about is the accounts you open with T212 i.e. Invest/CFD. The rest is background admin for regulatory compliance etc.

Ok. For the trading account, is it possible to have my account number ? This MUST be declared

You will get a Contract Note the day after you purchase something with the account number at the top:

The account number may be in some of the welcome emails. I don’t know, it’s been a while.

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Great thanks for the answer