Question about Trading212 entity and investor compensation scheme

I am in France and about to open an account.

If I understand correctly, I will be under the Trading 212 Markets Ltd entity

I then read on the website:

Trading 212 Markets Ltd. is registered in Cyprus, authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CySEC (License number 398/21).

In terms of assets, what is the max compensation in case of failure of trading 212?
I know for cash is 100K.

Your client funds & assets are protected up to a maximum of €20k, with an additional free private insurance from Lloyd’s of London, giving coverage of up to 1 million Euro.

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You could have a look on the Help section (a tip for the future other questions):

That is for deposit accounts in EU banks. With Trading 212 you have a trading account. :wink:

Interesting. So assets are then covered up to 1M by this private insurance.

Are you sure?

Each brokerage account has a dedicated cash account linked to it for the client. Thus, cash deposits sit on a cash account insured up to 100K. Then, assets are within the brokerage account in SPVs usually.

Maybe in other brokers, have a “cash account”, if you are speaking about a bank account (not mentioning those brokers in here). :wink:

Please read the above Help links, it’s better explained there. Many brokers don’t have an individual cash account for each customer. There is an omnibus bank deposit account, as probably you already saw when transferred money to T212.

Bottom-line: We don’t have a personal/individual bank account and due to that no personal IBAN.

Clear thanks for the feedback and links