Confusing fees on ISA uk

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Please find attached, which I took from here -

Specially these two points are not clear.

  1. 0-9 = £11.95 per trade, 10-19 = £8.95 per trade, 20+ = £5.95 per trade.

  2. 0.99% per trade on a £0.00 monthly subscription, 0.59% per trade on a £4.99 monthly subscription, 0.39% per trade on a £9.99 monthly subscription.

What if I invest £20000 in 5 different USA company shares so £4000.00 each company. I’m a uk citizen, lets say I invest on USA stocks under stock and share ISA with my current account, apart from 0.15% FX fees, is there any other fee I should expect for any amount?

Because as per what I’ve attached and what you’ve mentioned in the page - its very very confusing, could someone share some light into this.

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 20.35.29

The footnotes provide additional details regarding the fees charged by other providers:

1 - Hargreaves Lansdown’s commission fees.
6 - Freetrade’s foreign exchange fees.

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Great Many thanks for quick reply @KrisG

So that means if I invest on USA company stocks and deposit via current account, I should get charged only 0.15% FX fees right? or is there any other hidden charges I should be aware of?

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We do not charge any hidden fees whatsoever. In the scenario you describe, given that you have not deposited more than £2000 via card or you have used a bank transfer, we will only charge a 0.15% FX fee for the currency conversion.

However, it’s important to note that there may be other fees related to your trades, such as UK stamp duty, SEC fees, and FINRA fees, which are charged by the relevant exchanges and tax authorities. These fees are not charged by Trading 212.

You can find more information on the ‘Terms and fees’ page on our website.


@niro78 , you’ve had a real shocker here.

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