Contract Note Statement Currency

Would it be possible to add a column of the execution price in the original currency of the stock in the contract note statement? Would be helpful for me to upload to my portfolio tracker. All prices in GBP right now.


This might even be considered a bug actually. Apologies for hijacking your post @CavanHaganInvesting

Everything in my contract notes are displayed as GBP yet there is an FX rate.
If I look at it, I bought BNZL from 18.9 GBP with an FX rate of 0.01

What we currently have: (only the relevant fields for this post - numbers are made up)

Instrument/ISIN Quantity Price Total Amount Exchange Rate Charges And Fees Total Cost
BNZL/GBxxx 100 19.105 GBP 1910.5 GBP 0.01 9.55 GBP 1919.55 GBP
STNE/USxxx 100 25.75 GBP 2575 GBP 0.79624 0 GBP 2575 GBP

What we should have. Adding settlement currency here as well, since multi currency accounts are in the pipeline. Also there is not a good reason to glue ticker and isin together so why don’t we clean it up while we are there.

Symbol ISIN Quantity Price Total Amount Stock Currency Settlement Currency FX Rate Charges And Fees Total Cost
BNZL GBxxx 100 1910.5 1910 GBX GBP 0.01 9.55 GBP 1919.55 GBP
STNE USxxx 100 32.3394 2575 USD GBP 0.79624 0 GBP 2575 GBP

Edit: Also would be lovely if you can add Pie as in which pie if any this TX occured in.
while you are there can you attach this table as a CSV pretty please?

save me from the disgusting things I do:

  newRow[4] = newRow[4]/newRow[9];
  if(newRow[9] <= 0.01) {
  } else if(newRow[9] <= 0.8) {
  } else if (newRow[9] <= 0.99) {
  } else {