Where is the bought stock details invoice

I can’t find out where to find the detailed invoice about my purchases. Even on the invoice I’ve received on my email, it doesn’t show the currency exchange rate, fees, etc.
Can someone help?
Many Thanks

The contract note you should receive by email the following day, in this these are the fields along the top:

Order ID Instrument/ISIN Direction Quantity Price Total amount Trading day Trading time Commission Charges and fees Order Type Execution venue Exchange rate Total cost

As you can see the last few columns include the exchange rate paid etc.
Is this the same email format you have received?


Indeed the Contract note email does contain detailed information regarding your transactions. Another convenient way of checking is through your account - all you have to do is go to the History tab > Orders. There you can tap on any order you wish to see in more detail. :crossed_fingers:

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Yes, I received it 2 hours ago in that exact table you’ve posted. Thanks Adam

Thanks Theo, you’re a life saver :D, I’ve found the history tap, it was hidden in top right corner’s list when clicked.