Convertible Bonds

Is it possible for retail investors to invest in convertible bonds or are they usually limited to institutional investors and private equity?

I am familiar with how convertible bonds work, but I have always thought that large capital was required to invest in these, however I am not sure so I thought I would ask in case anyone has invested in them before or has a better idea of them.

Has anyone invested in convertible bonds?
Are convertible bonds listed on the stock exchange (I imagine that they are) and can small amounts be invested or do they come in big tranches?

I have been doing some searching online to find some listed examples of listed convertible bonds, with no luck.

More info for anyone interested in knowing what they are:

Check the minimum lot sizes for bonds, they’re usually in the 000’s

That said convertible bonds have been offered on Crowdcube before in smaller denominations.

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Convertible bonds are less common than the ordinary bonds, usually they are private-placed with high principal amounts., but there are also retail CB with smaller amounts.

Convertible bonds can also be more complex than ordinary bonds, as they have an embedded derivative, that convert the bonds in equity, that could have or not a trigger event.

Did you saw in the Frankfurt SE (they have the category of Convertible Bonds)?

Also there are ETFs, OEICs, maybe ITs, specialized in CB.