Copiers pie suggestion

Please add the following to improve communication with followers/copiers.

add a comment when adding/deleting an asset from the pie
you can create drop down menu

That’s an interesting suggestion - let me DM you so we can further explore the idea! Please check your inbox :mailbox:

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If you were to enhance the copy function, is it possible to copy your own pie contents and %s in invest to move it to Isa ?
Not the shares themselves but the pie set up

Hey, @Nige :wave:

Yes, it is possible to do it. You need to access your pie link from the socials. Each pie has a link which you can share with friends. Once you get the link, you can access it from your ISA and link to it so that when you make changes to the original pie held in the Invest, the one in the ISA will adjust respectively.

You can do this via your Mobile App, get the link for the Pie from your Invest → Switch to your ISA via the app → paste the link in the mobile browser, and once you do it, the Trading 212 app will be automatically opened which will direct you to the Pie you wish to use.