Copy pie between accounts

As users we’d like to be able to copy Pies between our own accounts

  • eg from a ISA account to a Invest account.

Also between practice account and real money account.

I don’t know if there is a plan for this, but there are already two ways to do that:

  • If your pie is in the Pie library, then you can save it from there, will have access from any account (Isa, Invest, and Practice)

  • Copy the link of your pie, and send it via text or message anywhere or save it in the notes, as long as you can press and open. Then switch to the account you want to copy the pie to. Then press the link of the pie and will open the app and show the pie, you can copy and save it also.

Hope that helps.

This ways easiest. Unless you don’t your pie “public”. Just go and bookmark it and it will be in all accounts ready to copy

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Yes, but not everyone has the Pie there, so they can still copy the link and open the pie later just by clicking it.