Corporate events 28.07.2021, Updates & Robinhood IPO

Here’s the summary of the corporate events, completed for the day, so far :arrow_heading_down:

  • Cleveland BioLabs becomes Cytocom Inc.
  • MER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd becomes SharpLink Gaming Ltd, share consolidation 2:1
  • Peak Fintech Group - share consolidation 2:1
  • Natixis SA - Acquisition (EQ) BPCE SA has acquired Natixis SA for 4.00 EUR per share. All positions will be closed accordingly. (CFD) All positions will be closed at the last available price. BID - 4.001 EUR ; ASK - 4.002 EUR

Additionally, as of 29.07.2021, there will no longer be a trading break between 9.15 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. (GMT+1) for the following US indices:

  • SPX 500
  • NASDAQ 100
  • US 30
  • Russell 2000
  • S&P MidCap 400
  • VIX

Finally, Robinhood will be launching its highly anticipated IPO tomorrow. The company will be listed on NASDAQ under the ticker $HOOD and it’ll be available for trading on our platform, (CFD & Invest), immediately once it goes live.


I love the new T212 daily updates. :heart_eyes:
I really hope this is a permanent thing.
Keep up the good work!
Much apreciated!


Thanks for the update @B.E. Can you elaborate on the ‘trading break’ please? Not sure I follow.

Does this mean we are getting access to after hours trading, which would be 4:15pm EST to 6:30PM EST - should be shouting this from the rooftop if the case as lots of folk have been asking for pre/post market trading!

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Morning, everyone :coffee:

The above is mainly directed at something previously described by David here- CFD trading hours question - #4 by David . In a nutshell - there used to be trading breaks (mini halts) for some of the indices and apparently now, those breaks have been revised and will not occur any longer.

Ah, so CFD side, hence I had no idea!

Got my hopes up there that we were getting out of hours on the other two platforms.