Costs and charges document

Hi everyone,
I use Trading212 since October 2019. Today for the first time I got an e-mail from T212 telling me the following:
“A new document - 2021/2022 Costs and charges report, is now available in your Trading 212 account. View it in the Documents section of the Trading 212 app.”

I opened my app and found a two pages document stating different costs on different lines:

Product Services costs:
One-off charges = 0
Ongoing charges = 0
All costs related to the transactions = A not so negligible amout as it is almost 1% of the amout I have invested.
Incidental costs=0

Investment services costs:
One-off charges=0
Ongoing charges=0
All costs related to the transactions = a rather small amout
Any charges that are related to ancillary services = 0
Incidental Costs = 0

On some footnotes I can read that the large amout above is related to Government fees, levies and taxes such as Stamp Duty, Financial Transaction Taxes, SEC fee, Withholding Tax, etc.

The rather small amount seems to come from FX Fees.

Do you all receive such documents? Is it normal that I only received my first one now? Do I need to do something with this? My understanding is, that it is already paid. I am mainly unsure about the large amount. I think most of it are withholding taxes on dividends but I am not so sure.

Many thanks in advance.

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Haven’t received anything, but by your account it looks like a summary of the past year.
All cost there should be already accounted for, and nothing for you to pay.

As you said, mostly dividend taxes withheld, as well as levy/stamp duty taxes that happen on transactions for relevant exchanges.

Hi Zergui,
Many thanks for your reply. Yes, it says that it is from the 1st of June 2021 until the 1st of June 2022. I am just a bit surprised about this as it is my first time receiving such a document from Trading212.

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Neither have I :joy:

Will update if i receive anything like this.

In the app, hit the menu and then Documents.

Should be there


Yeah I got one, must be a new regulatory thing or something.


I confirm, that is also where I got mine.

Good to know that I am not the only one receiving it for the first time.

I know there’s a lot more focus on end to end transparency of costs. Didn’t realise it had gone this far yet. It makes sense I guess for it to come from a broker, but thought it was limited to mutual funds and ETF platforms.

There can be such a thing as too much information but hey ho :man_shrugging: