Dividend payment fee

Dear trading 212,

Do you charge any provision for dividend transfer to trading account?

For example if I own 100 shares of apple, when dividend is payed on my trading 212 account?

Thank you.
Miha Hribersek

name the account you are trading in. T212 doesn’t charge ‘fees’. however dividends will still be treated according to the market.

CFD, Invest or ISA.

T212 invest. Is my account.

What do you mean by, “dividends will still be treated according to the market” ?

If company declares 1$ per share. And I own 100 shares.

I receive 100$ and no additional fees/charges ( excluding taxes)?

Thank you,

Dividends will be added to your free funds in your Invest account.

Unless your stock is in a pie and auto-reinvest is set to ON, then the dividends will be reinvested. Any left over money will be visible as cash in your pie.

US stocks are subject to a withholding tax it’s 15-30% this is deducted at source.

you may have a FX impact

US stocks, tax 15-30% . This is somehow documented so I can see how much tax was deducted?

Thank you

You can look up the gross dividend and official pay date for any US company in many places. One is www.nasdaq.com. In the dividend column of the following table you can find the rate of US withholding tax applicable to your dividends, based on your country of tax residence. It is in the fourth column, labelled 6, Paid by U.S. Corporations, General. This assumes you have an active W8-BEN form completed. This will be enable you to check that Trading 212 have received and passed on to you the correct amount. I believe Trading 212 does not deduct the tax. It has already been deducted by the entity handling dividend payments before Trading 212 receives anything.