Could anybody give me some advice please

I bought into google, one share but although The price has risen I’m still in minus any know why ?

It all comes down to exchange rate and the “spread” - difference between buy and sell. If you scrolls down a bit more under the red numbers there will be a “sell price”. In your case that’s $1440.91.


I would say Dollar went weaker against GBP since your purchase thus negative returns.


When the exchange rate changes, so does the value figure (or return figure, if you wished to sell)

To summarise, when GBP goes up against the $, your investment comes down.

If it helps the £ is strong at the moment, it will come down soon (I hope anyway)

:+1: many thanks for your reply. I couldn’t figure why it’s not in positive return but your answer explains a lot
Many thanks :pray:

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You can see the exchange rate you purchased at, in the history dropdown!

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I will have a look now cheers