Why am I getting minus returns?

So I saw 1 share of Amazon stock for $2458 so I bought a fractional share of 0.046 (£91.18). The price has risen to $2472.45, and you’d think although I bought a fractional share I’d get a Positive Return since it’s increased. however it’s showing I made a return of -£0.18. why is that? Please see the screenshot below. Thank you in advance for helping

Exchange rate at the time was 1.24075


The value of the USD depreciated significantly against the GBP in the last few day. So $2472.45 is now worth less in terms of GBP. Exchange rate now is 1.2411. It looks as if when you bought the rate was 1.2400. Also, $2472.45 is the buy price. You need to look at the sell price to calculate your profit. Sell price is now $2463, so you will be further red. Hang in there. Some people are predicting that AMZN will reach $3000 this year. A friend of mine sold 2000 AMZN when they were around $10 a share and has not stopped regretting the mistake.


Ahhh I think I’m getting what you’re saying. Thank you :smile: . Oh damn $10 a share!!! That’s a bargain :sweat_smile:… yep I’m hoping to hold onto the share as I have high hopes for amazon! Just need to keep an eye out on any bad press with amazon, don’t want the prices falling :persevere:

I bought a paper stock of AMZN around $12 to decorate my office. Still holding it , expensive piece of decoration anymore LOL

That sucks man, so would I be better off switching to USD currency to make things easier then. Share price went past what I bought them for but I’m still down 2%. Tryna to get my hand around this and it’s annoying me man

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Try not to feel annoyed. Currency effects are normal for investors and should be taken in stride. They cannot be avoided unless you always pay for a currency hedge. In the long run you will likely gain as much as you lose. I would recommend keeping your account in the same currency as that of your living expenses and tax.

Exchange rates can go either way, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

You will be happier when the Dollar goes up again.

Is there a way to track the current exchange rate within Trade212 without having to buy a share first?

You can find rates by looking at the CFD platform’s fx instruments. I keep these at the top of my CFD watchlist. You can even set price alerts.

But as a hack to find the xe rate without leaving the Invest platform, just start to set up a limit order to buy 10000 shares at $1 per share. You will see the USDGBP rate! It is in red below, $1 = £0.796787 presently. If your account currency is EUR this will work similarly.

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